Choosing A Motorhome Awning-Motorhome Awnings Choices And Tips

Published: 03rd August 2010
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A motorhome awning can prove to be an indispensable investment in your enhanced enjoyment of your motorhome and travelling experience. But you need to choose wisely..

Motorhome awnings have become pretty much indispensable over the years, and with very good reason. They are lightweight, easily affixed to your motorhome in most cases, require very little maintenance (which, in itself, is very easy to do) and don't cost a bomb.

All those arguments in favour of a motorhome awning carry substantial weight, but there's an even bigger reason for you to go ahead and get yourself one - extra space. Anybody who has even taken their motorhome out for a road trip will tell you, space is always at a premium on these trips. And motor home awnings are a great way to add that extra little bit of square footage to your living area.

There are a wide variety of motorhome awnings available on the market today. You can choose one that fits your requirements in terms of space, size and features. Harrison awnings, for example, has a rather nifty model available, called the Royal. Complete with front display windows and an optional annex that actually adds even more living space, the Royal is a worth addition to your motorhome trip. It won't set you back by too much, and packs itself away quite neatly.

StarCamp is another firm that specializes in motor home awnings, and they have a wide range of models as well. Their Cameo series is increasingly popular among people who own a motorhome awning, and with good reason. Wide, spacious and well designed, these motorhome awnings practically set themselves up.

Another model from the StarCamp stables is the Daytona motor home awning. Available in a wide variety of colours, the Daytona model is lightweight, and reliable. Made of the sturdy Startex All Season Material, it is completely waterproof. What's more, it is easy to clean and maintain as well. It's slightly bigger cousin, the Olympic, is another noteworthy option you may want to try out.

Made of the same material, it would probably rank as the best value for money deal available on the market today.
Motor home awnings make very good sense on long trips. Inclement weather, restricted living spaces and an area that demarcates the boundary between the outdoors and your motor home - all these factors give rise to needs that are answered best by motorhome awnings.

And if you choose your model well, you are pretty much all set for that long relaxing holiday that you have been looking forward to.
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